A Nurse Talks About Covid


Photo courtesy of the CDC.

Jacob Adekunle

Coronavirus is an infectious disease of the lungs caused by a new virus. It was given the name “Coronavirus” because of the shape that the pathogen has when viewed through a microscope. The pathogen or germ has spikes that resemble a crown. When a person is exposed to the disease, they can walk around with it for 14 days. When symptoms show up one can have cough, fever, and in some cases, difficulty breathing.  

My mother, who is also a nurse said,  “Wash your hands regularly to prevent getting sick.” One way to ensure that you wash your hands well is to sing the “Happy Birthday” song as you wash. 

There is currently no vaccine to prevent Coronavirus. Scientists are busy trying to create a vaccine that can one day be administered to patients to prevent the spread of the disease.  The treatment for those infected range from quarantining at home to going to the ICU.

Currently the cases of Coronavirus are growing in the United States and other countries, but have slowed in China, the country where the disease first originated. 

Stay up to date with tips about preventing the Coronavirus by visiting the CDC site.