Get Help Before Cyberbullying Gets Worse


Alexa Galvan

Students report being cyberbullied all over the world, but many people are not aware of how serious this issue is. Cyberbullying is described as bullying that occurs via electronics.

“Cyberbullying is a very sad thing that includes name calling, rumor spreading and even threats,” 7th grader Ashley Lopez said.

About 21 percent of girls in middle school and high school report being bullied online or by text message. As a result of this, many of the victims suffer from depression. It’s important to get help before depression worsens.

“If you are being cyberbullied, please tell a trusted adult and get the issue resolved,” Lopez said.

See your SMS counselor immediately if you are experiencing any type of bullying.

“Screenshot the act of cyberbullying because that will help your case,” 7th grade counselor Ms. Sharonda Powe said. “Any of the counselors would be happy to help.”